(Directors: Mocha Jean Herrup, Evie Leder, Gretchen Lee, Dan Janos; 9 minutes, 2002)
Members of the lesbianfilm collective set out to make a lesbian film, a 35mm feature length project that is sure to “sell, sell, sell.”  At the end of the day the group has managed to debunk identity politics, pitch the festival programmers, and secure numerous donations from unsuspecting patrons of the arts.  In true indie fashion, the pitch is customized depending on who is on the receiving end—thoroughly mining the many genres and clichés of contemporary lesbian filmmaking.

Broadcast on the Sundance Channel

Screenings: Cinematexas , South By Southwest , OutFest LA, San Francisco Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Berlin Lesbian Festival, Hamburg Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Minneapolis Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Seattle Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, Inside/Out Toronto, New Zealand Lesbian & Gay Film Festival, LadyFest Bay Area

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